For children 2.5 years of age and older we offer preschool academic curriculum program. Which includes letters, numbers, counting, colors and shapes, basic concepts of size and wait, as well as objects' relationships, patterns, differences and similarities. We teach kids self help skills, introduce different professions, learn about different life forms, year seasons, doing variety of science and cooking projects. Daily we do some simple exercises to prepare little hands for writing.

While learning preschool curriculum, kids gain wide variety of information by doing age appropriate activities using colorful didactic materials books and games.

Every week when we introduce new letter kids are making the letter cards which each of them bring home and place for display in his/her room. To maximize learning ability when learning the shapes of the letters and numbers we are using sand paper cards for tracing.

Our students have a daily individual learning session with a teacher because we believe in the importance of early learning and providing a unique program for each child. Our students are too young to productively learn in the classroom environment so we do it individually. It allows us to find activities, games and didactic materials each child would learn the best with. We are getting excellent results using this approach

For example, most of our students by the age of 3 year old are able to:

-recognize numbers and capital letters

-count objects up to 10 (and higher)

-recognize and determine shades /depth of main colors

-recognize, name and manipulate simple geometrical shapes. They also were familiar with figures like cylinder, trapezoid, parallelepiped, pyramid ...

-spell and trace their names

-cut their own materials for their art projects with scissors

-recognize several simple words.(yes, no, stop, cat, dog....)

-enjoy work with their hands and do tons of art projects!!!!

-most importantly they love learning and have fun doing it!

We believe that in the preschool age learning should be done thought games and fun activities and build our curriculum based of this believe.