What Parents Say

Testimonial 1

Elena has been a gift to our daughter and our family.  She has created an environment that is a perfect balance fun, art, play and learning all on a foundation of love.  It feels like we are leaving our daughter with family 2 days a week.  We are constantly surprised by the creativity & variety of projects the kids are accomplishing with Elena like the many week live butterfly pavilion where they watched the butterflies growth cycle while doing butterfly inspired projects throughout the process.  Elena is truly a gift to the children. D.

Testimonial 2

I can only express the most sincerest gratitude in regards to having found Elena + the service she provides at her Fun Art Play Room.  These days it's hard to find folks who go above + beyond in their work to motivate + inspire...and Elena is one of those rare people who does.  The Playroom is a full center situated around fun, art, exercise, play + dance. The work that she + her helper, Lena, do with children there is something rare. This is not a typical day care. The group is kept very small so each child is receiving the maximum attention + encouragement possible. She is concerned with making sure my child's needs are met..everything from sharing what she did or didn't eat that day, making welcomed suggestions from what she sees, and proactively giving feedback on all the little things. My husband and I feel blessed to have found something very special in the world of typical "daycare" situations. This is a stimulating, enriching, educational experience that has my child waking up every morning looking forward to. My little one comes home with a new art project each day. The pride on her face when sharing that art and words she's got about it amaze me each day. Elena is a reminder to us all to take a minute to do something creative everyday for ourselves + with our children.  I would recommend this service to anyone looking for something truly different + inspiring for their child. D

Testimonial 3

I just wanted to let you know that together with my husband we have decided to move back to England. I am really sorry that Daniel will loose such a great teacher. I have no words to describe how grateful I am for your help. You are an absolute star. Once again I would like to thank you very much M

Testimonial 4

Fun Art Play room has helped to develop my son's sense of his own creative, artistic powers. Every time he goes to school he brings back wonderfull paintings/art work or paper flora and fauna. Now whenever we read a book together, he reads scavenging for new ideas:”Daddy, can we build that castle” “I want to make that horse” he has confidence that he can create anything! H

Testimonial 5

Thank you very much for the wonderful, loving environment you've created in Fun Art Play room. Before our discovery of this school we had to go to number of different classes and schools to get music, art and gym classes for our son. When we started attending Fun Art Play room it was not necessary because here kids are getting all of those in the same place. We are so happy that the kids attend Gymnastics classes at the local club and do music and art activities. L

Testimonial 6

Elena Thank you so much for doing all of those beautiful projects with us. We love them very much. C and J (by their mom S)

Testimonial 7

We have been extremely lucky to find the Fun Art Play Room. Elena has been absolutely brilliant, providing a wide, fun range of activities including arts & craft, music, reading and plenty of outdoor exercise. Our son seems to be so settled that often by the end of the session he does not want to leave. Everyday he is bringing home a new art project and seems to be very proud of it. I am certain that being in such a positive and happy environment is helping him develop into a confident and self assured little boy. M

Testimonial 8

Fun Art Playroom is a jewel of a daycare in the Sunset District.  Our daughter looks forward to going and loves her time with Elena and the staff.  We feel at ease leaving our child in their fun, and safe environment.  It is a great place for children to learn, explore and play.  Our daughter especially loves the music classes. We feel fortunate to have such a great daycare in the Outer Sunset. N